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Official webshop of Sylvia Llewelyn Author of Old Buttons, Anno Publications.
Purveyor of antique & vintage buttons, & jewellery. Established since 1979, Kings Road Chelsea, London.


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Remember that all Post & Packing Anywhere in the World is FREE:

Small (Dia. Of button. Under 20mm , 30 L or  ¾ inch)

Medium (Dia. Of button.  Between 20mm and 38mm, 30 L – 60 L or ¾  inch – 1½inch)

Large (Dia. Of button. Over  38mm, 60 L or 1½ inch)

And the colour, Red, Yellow or Cream, Pink, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, Grey, Black, White, Silver or Gold or Brass. (Remember a contrasting colour on a fabric can be striking, for example black buttons on red)

Remember that all Post & Packing Anywhere in the World is FREE!

Just click the button or item into your shopping cart, add the quantity you require. Then pay by paypal.com and your buttons will be sent out to you the next day.

Or just contact us with any enquiry.

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  • ‘Old Buttons’ Book

    With Price Guide Now!

  • Fair Dates

    EMAIL DIRECT TO SYLVIA FOR ORDERS if you have any problems with checkout...Thanks

    ** ALL STOCK IS UP TO DATE- But if you have any problems with checkout and paypal just let me know via email. I can see orders even if they did not complete. Email if you need to specify size. Thank you **
    Price Guide to 'Old Buttons' book Out Now! Appendix pamphlet giving a price for all the buttons featured in my book. Orders being taken now...£2.50 including postage-Anywhere in the World. Order by email via Contact Us.
    Buttons are measured in the Rag trade by Lignes/Lines. A wonderful Ligne Chart/ guage is in 'Old Buttons' book which makes measuring buttons so easy and professional. Worth buying the book just for this!!
    Ligne 30 = 0.75 inch (19.1mm)
    Ligne 40 = 1 inch (25.4mm)
    Ligne 50 = 1.25 inch (31.8mm)
    'Old Buttons' book avilable in the V & A Museum bookshop, London, UK.

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